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updated 04/08/2018

299 Association RE (v)

Dates for your diary:


YORKSHIRE AIR MUSEUM MEMORIAL DAY: 2ND Sept. 2018, details TBC, remember: Centenary year for the RAF, will be a big occasion this year, a good turn out from this association would do this association no harm at all!


ARNHEM PILGRIMAGE 2018. THURSDAY NIGHT 20th Sept (overnight ferry)

MONDAY morning after overnight ferry Sept.24th 2018


CROMWELL LOCK MEMORIAL SERVICE, (at the lock), SUNDAY 30TH SEPT. 2018. Details to follow.


29TH ANNUUAL AEA GALA DINNER – SATURDAY 13TH October 2018. To be held at the King Charles Hotel, Brompton Road, Gillingham, Kent ME7 5QT. (Chatham Branch of the AEA), Booking forms attached to April’s minutes.


REMEMBRANCE SUNDAY 11TH NOV. 2018, details to follow

                                                            Photograph Storage

 We now have a large storage hard drive. Slides can be converted and stored. All photos and slides will be retured undamaged after copying is complete.If any members have any old or new photographs of 299, contact Dave Hines to organise copy and storage.